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Switch Between Sheer And Privacy With Transitional Shades and Blinds In Southern California

For a stylish spin on a roller shade, consider a playful transitional shade in Southern California. Dual panels of fabric easily roll up and down so you can scroll between sheer and opaque blackout shades. When you need to bring in the light, slide the shade panels to where you see “zebra” stripes. Then when you need more privacy, just tug the shade either up or down, and the opaque sections will align to block outside light. Of course, for an unfettered view, just pull the shade completely open like a traditional roller blind.

Transitional shades will give your windows a uniqueness that works in any room. Available in a wide selection of colors to pic from, they can add depth and texture to your space. These easy-to-operate window treatments let you slide between full sunlight to complete privacy with a simple tug. Transitional blinds in Southern California are ideal for a child’s bedroom, dining room, or any room you need to control outside light with flair.


Transitional Shade Options

Zebra shades window treatments

Transitional shades in Southern California are renown for their stripes and practicality. Pick from a variety of styles, colors, or textures to blend into your room’s decor. For more private areas, you may need large, solid panels that can give you more privacy. Consider smaller panels that bring more stylistic interest for your heavy use areas like your family room. 

Why Hang Transitional Shades In Southern California

Zebra shade window treatments

Transitional shades will give your home a beautiful, modern look, while also giving a wonderful privacy mode. The one-of-a-kind nature of the transitional shade in Southern California allows your window to have a multitude of looks by using the one window treatment. For total privacy -- a great option a bedroom or bathroom -- simply line up the dual panels to diminish ambient light. When you see the zebra stripes, you then have outside light but strained through the sheer panel. This is a perfect way to bring in the morning sun without harsh UV rays in your bedroom. You can even roll them up completely and bring the sunlight in!

Transitional shades and blinds have a similar spindle system as a roller shade, so there’s no cords or wands. Transitional shades are easier to operate and safer than blinds and curtains. They’re also more versatile than a solid window shade. Even when the fabric panels overlap, your transitional shades stay close to the window, which means they are great for shallow and large windows.   


Transitional Shade Warranty 

Zebra shades window treatments

Your transitional shades by Sunburst Shutters Southern CA come with a warranty protecting you from any and all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship, and installation. Basic mechanisms are under warranty for 3 years. The fabric and any motorization are guaranteed for 5 years.

Transitional Shade Details 

Operation Mechanism




Lower Top-Down


Natural Wood

Various Metal Styles


Bottom Rail


Solid Colors from Neutrals To Bright Hues

Translucent Sheer


Let Sunburst Shutters Southern CA Show You How You Can Get Transitional Shades In Your Southern California Home

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