What Window Treatments To Choose For Your Southern California Custom-built Home

Kimball Jones

If you’re making selections for a custom home in Southern California, you want to get every detail right, down to the window treatments. There’s a reason plantation shutters are a leading choice in window treatments for custom homes in Southern California. Their unique design and appeal complement interiors of all types and allow you unparalleled control of the sun’s light. With this in mind you are able to quickly fashion an inviting atmosphere and highlight the unique elements of your custom-built home.

Plantation shutters in a model kitchen.

In What Ways Do Plantation Shutters Elevate a Custom Home?

If you are looking to to draw attention to your custom home, consider window treatments that other homeowners in Southern California incorporate to enhance their homes. Plantation shutters blend beautifully with all home designs. They stand out and garner attention from onlookers who are more accustomed to outdated drapes and metal blinds. Their practical but sophisticated aesthetic requires no extra dressing to create a stunning appearance and make a great first impression on guests.

Plantation shutters are a smart finish for a custom home. Their crisp lines and classic colors complement every decor, so you can confidently ask your builder to install them in every space and not have to worry how they will look in your furnished home.

Plantation shutters are custom-fitted for specialty windows and more standard sizes, so you have the ability to utilize them in any location and prevent the extra work of picking different window treatments for each room. You benefit from having a task lifted from your plate during the home building process!
Plantation shutters in a model home bedroom.

How Do Plantation Shutters Let Homeowners Filter Natural Light?

Homeowners and guests enjoy the appearance of a home filled with sunshine. Although you are likely to select captivating light fixtures to brighten your custom home, the sun’s rays have special characteristics that can make a room look larger or alter its mood.

However, natural light is constantly changing. As the day goes on, the quantity of light streaming into your custom home changes, and you must change the positioning of your window coverings to filter the light accordingly. When looking for window treatments for custom homes in Southern California, homeowners prefer faux wood Polywood® and solid wood plantation shutters that help them control the intensity of sunshine a space gets.

Simply adjust the tilt wand to change the angle of the slats during hours when there is an abundance of light to allow an area to have a more comfortable feel and open them again to enhance the brightness when the sun has shifted to a new location. You can even swing the panels open for full sunlight to create an open air appearance and close them again for a cozier feeling.

Adjusting shutter louvers also lets you to deflect light. When you tilt the shutter louvers in either direction, you can cast light dark corners to make a room feel larger. You have the ability to shift glaring light away from your guests’ sightline and surfaces where reflection occurs without closing the louvers and completely losing the light. With a gentle movement, you can manage the placement and the amount of daylight that radiates in each space for everyone’s comfort.

Find The Best Window Treatments For Your Southern California Custom Home

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