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What Window Treatments To Choose For Your Southern California Custom-built Home

December 01, 2020

If you’re making selections for a custom home in Southern California, you strive to find the perfect finishing touches, down to the window treatments. It might come as no surprise that plantation shutters are such popular picks in window treatments for custom homes in Southern California. Their versatility and beauty blend in with interiors of all types and give you complete command over natural light. With these qualities you are able to quickly fashion a welcoming environment and accentuate the enticing features of your custom home.

Plantation shutters in a model kitchen.

In What Manner Do Plantation Shutters Elevate a Custom Home?

When you want to show off your custom home, think about window treatments that other homeowners in Southern California incorporate to add to their home’s style. Plantation shutters blend beautifully with all home designs. They stand out and garner attention from anyone who may be more familiar with out-of-style metal blinds and curtains. Their practical but sophisticated design is all that is needed to look stunning and ensure a positive influence on visitors.

Plantation shutters make the perfect finishing touch for a custom-built home. Their distinct construction and adaptable color options complement every decor, so you can confidently advise the home builder to put them in every space and not have to worry how they will blend with your home furnishings.

Plantation shutters are custom-fitted for specialty windows and more standard sizes, so you can use them for windows of any type and avoid the inconvenience of implementing numerous window treatment options. You will appreciate having a job removed from your list during the home building process!
Plantation shutters in a model home bedroom.

How Do Plantation Shutters Allow You To Filter Natural Light?

Your visitors will appreciate the look of a home filled with sunshine. While you’ll no doubt choose beautiful electric lights to illuminate your custom home, natural light has distinctive properties that can make a room look larger or alter its mood.

Despite its many benefits, the sun’s light is constantly changing. As the day goes on, the quantity of light coming through your windows changes, and you have to alter your window treatments to redirect the flow of light. When trying to find window treatments for custom homes in Southern California, residents often choose composite Polywood® and natural wood plantation shutters that let them manage the levels of sunlight a room gets.

Simply adjust the tilt wand to partially close the slats in the daytime when the sun is in full force to allow an area to have a more comfortable feel and increase the opening to make things brighter when the sun has moved positions. You are even able to swing the panels open for full sunlight to produce an open air appearance and shut them again for a snug, closer-knit feeling.

Modifying the position of the slats also gives you the chance to redirect light. By tilting the louvers up or down, you can cast light even the darkest corners to make a room feel larger. You are able to filter excessive glare away from people’s eyes and surfaces where reflection occurs without shutting the slats and completely losing the light. With a single touch, you can manage the placement and the amount of sunlight that shines in any room to ensure the comfort of your guests.

Get The Top Window Treatments For Your Southern California Custom Home

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