What Custom Window Treatments Hold Their Value Best In Southern California?

Kimball Jones

Custom and expertly-installed window treatments are an investment in your home. They fit your windows exactly to block blinding sunlight, create privacy, and add elegance to a room. Like any investment, you want them to hold up for many years and give value to your house. Custom Polywood® shutters offer all of the traits of Southern California window treatments that hold value through the years. They compliment every decor trend, resist wear and tear, and reduce energy costs.

Polywood® shutters in a home office.

Polywood Shutters Have Unchanging Beauty

When you’re looking for custom window treatments that hold value in Southern California, consider options that won’t look outdated as tastes shift. Plantation shutters have existed forever because they are practical and because homeowners enjoy their aesthetic. Although Polywood shutters are a modern style, their classic clean lines give instant curb appeal to both contemporary and traditional houses. You don’t have to concern yourself with replacing them if you remodel your Southern California house or put it up for sale years in the future because their beauty is enduring.

Custom-made Polywood shutters look stunning as part of your interior design as well. They come in various shades of white that compliment all kinds of decor. Your installer will fit your shutters to your window frames, so they fit exactly without any gaps or overhang. The shutters you install now will still work years later as you update your decor or if a new owner with dissimilar tastes buys your house.

Polywood® shutters in a bathroom.

Polywood Shutters Last Longer Than Other Window Covers

Window treatments that hold their value in Southern California should last long enough to make the expense worthwhile. Custom Polywood shutters last longer than any other window treatments because they are low maintenance and incredibly hardwearing. They do not wear out quickly like blinds or tear like curtains. Their quality construction keeps them in good working order. They resist termites and withstand bumps and bangs from pets and kids. When they get smudged or dusty, a quick wipe with a duster or damp cloth is all they require.

Polywood shutters come with a baked-on coating that stops moisture damage and extreme heat and cold. Your Polywood shutters will never split, warp, or chip, whether they’re in a cold north-facing window or hot, humid bathroom. They are UV stabilized and won’t fade in sunlight. You can expect to enjoy tough Polywood shutters for as long as you own your Southern California home, and the next owners can enjoy them too!

Polywood Shutters Decrease Energy Use

The most effective home improvements make your Southern California home more comfortable and pay for themselves over the years. Energy-efficient Polywood shutters do so with their special patented weather stripping. They insulate your windows, keeping interior air in and outdoor drafts out so that you remain comfortable every season.

Additionally, this insulation makes your HVAC system’s job easier. It doesn’t have to work as much to keep you warm or cool, saving you energy expenses each season. This kind of savings adds value to your house, making custom-made Polywood shutters an incredible investment in contrast to store-bought treatments.

Polywood® shutters in a window.

Buy The Best Window Treatment That Holds Its Value In Southern California

Custom-built Polywood shutters from Sunburst Shutters hold their value a long time so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. To learn more about our shutters and other window treatments, phone us at 888-611-2474 or fill out the form below to request a free in-home consultation.