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Polywood in a living room

The Top Living Room Window Treatments In Southern California

April 14, 2021

Many Southern California residents design their living rooms for formal entertaining, others for casual lounging. No matter your lifestyle preferences, the best window coverings can make your living room more comfortable and inviting. Smart choices like Roman shades, plantation shutters, and cellular shades — even hardwood blinds and faux-wood blinds — add style and block unwanted glare and drafts.

Install one of these products if you are looking for living room window treatments in Southern California.
Plantation shutters in a great room

Plantation Shutters Are Great for Light And Temperature Control

For most Southern California residents, the living room is used as a multifunctional area where they host parties, spend time with loved ones, and wind down after work. Versatile plantation shutters can help everyone enjoy your living room. Composite Polywood® shutters and real wood shutters are sturdy and easy to clean for families with small children and dogs but with plenty of style to make a lasting impression. The wide louvers create a design focal point and need only a quick wipe to get rid of messy fingerprints or dust before you have company over.

Those louvers also let you control natural light in your living room. If you want something less than all-out light, close the shutter panels and adjust the louvers to redirect the sun out of people’s eyes or off your television. You can also close the louvers entirely during the hottest part of the day to maintain your preferred comfort levels.

Many homes have a picture window, bay window, or other large windows in the living room. These let in the or the day and chilly drafts. While picturesque, they will let in the sun’s heat and cooler drafts. They add beauty but also let in heat and drafts that run up your energy bill and make you uncomfortable. If you want energy-efficient living room window treatments in Southern California, think about the benefits of interior shutters. Polywood® shutters minimize the impact of drafts and the sun’s heat better than other window treatments to keep your living room comfortable for your daily life.

Roman shades in a living room

Roman Shades Offer Enhanced Style And Function

When integrating with a formal living room, you may decide to go with another type of window covering . Keep in mind, there’s no need to trade functionality for appearance. You will receive a fully versatile option with distinctive Roman shades.

As you raise Roman shades, the the fabric clusters together but without the inconvenience of holdbacks like curtains or drapes. Alternatively, Roman shades move easily with a cord or cordless mechanism. You can even install motorized shades so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to raise or lower the shades can adjust your shades at the touch of a button.  You don’t need to break away from your visitors to lower the shade. You can find Roman shades with a multitude of fabric, color, and hardware options to perfectly complement the existing decor of your living room.

Cellular shades in a Southern California living room

Cellular Shades Lower Energy Costs

Another excellent option for efficient living room window treatments in Southern California are cellular shades. The built-in fabric compartments trap exterior air to stop drafts within your room. This important feature will keep you warmer when you’re curled up for a cozy winter’s day on your comfy chair and keep you cool throughout the warmer seasons when you’re hosting a party.

Half-open cellular living room shades behind a couch 

When considering cellular shades, don’t be concerned about appearance. They come in various sizes, colors, and textures to blend with your interior decorating scheme. You also get to choose from translucent and solid fabrics and everything in between to accomplish your goals of privacy and sunlight. For added convenience and functionality, look for window shades that you can pull down at the top to let light in while covering the lower part of your windows to keep your area private. 

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