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Modern bathroom with classic white plantation shutters.

Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas In Southern California

September 28, 2023

The moment has come to usher your bathroom into the present century. When you are ready to update your bathroom, a simple, clean, and well-lit space is the way to go. Explore our modern bathroom remodel ideas for Southern California and learn how to refashion your room with a fresh paint scheme, suitable flooring, and additions like water-resistant window treatments.

Go With Neutral Colors for Surfaces

Save the darker colors for other parts of your home and use a neutral color or white for your bathroom instead. These selections will help reflect light, brightening up the whole area and making it feel more roomy.

Add Intrigue With Countertops And Flooring 

Stylish bathroom with plantation shutters, distinctive flooring, and free-standing tub.

Countertops and flooring are perfect places to integrate color and appealing designs. To illustrate, granite and marble countertops produce sleek, inspired looks that give you the extra of raising your resale value. In terms of flooring, tile is still a preferred choice, and a fashionable gray will go nicely with white. Or consider high-quality, versatile vinyl sheet. It will resist damage due to water and is available in countless patterns, including options that resemble stone, wood, and tile.

Get The Best Bathroom Window Treatments In Southern California

Custom arched plantation shutters in bathroom.

Most remodeling professionals concur that sunlight is preferred for bathrooms as it brings out the true color of your skin, hair, and clothes. If you're fortunate enough to have a window, or you intend to incorporate one, selecting the most suitable bathroom window treatments in Southern California is critical.

Polywood® shutters are a fantastic choice as they are moisture-resistant and offer total light management. Open up the panels for an abundance of sunlight or adjust the louvers for the right combination of privacy and sunshine. In addition, Polywood's traditional white color and enduring appeal works wonderfully with any color scheme or design.

Think Energy Savings In Your Modern Bathroom

A modern approach is about more than just upgrading your style. You should also make the most of the opportunity to lower your energy consumption. There are many ways to accomplish this, including:

In addition, if you have kids who sometimes don’t remember to turn off lights, eliminate the problem by incorporating lights with motion detectors.

Add Pizzaz With These Bathroom Remodel Ideas In Southern California

Bright, neutral-colored bathroom with free-standing tub.

Modern bathrooms may be simple and clean, but that doesn't require them to be bland. If you're looking for a way to help your interior more alluring, try one of these ideas:

  • Available in a range of styles and sizes, free-standing bathtubs are a fantastic way to create that luxury spa feel.
  • Floating vanities are perfect for modern bathrooms, adding to the airy, simple feel.
  • Get creative with your lighting by picking accents like pendants or backlit mirrors. You also have to be certain you have enough light for every part of the room, such as the bathing areas, vanity, and toilet.

Order Polywood Shutters For Your Modern Bathroom Remodel In Southern California

Eager to modernize your bathroom? Sunburst Shutters Southern CA can help with energy-conserving, water-resistant Polywood shutters. Our window treatments will enhance the beauty and function of your bathroom. Contact us today at 888-611-2474 to arrange your in-home consultation.