Plantation Shutters in Temecula

Many people are looking for a great way to update the interior of their homes. Plantation shutters have become a popular way to instantly transform any room in your home. With a range of styles to fit any budget, shutters are a great choice for many Temecula home owners. Plantation shutters combine the timeless features of an investment with the flexibility of air flow, light control, and privacy that only shutters can offer.

The Best Shutters in Temecula, California

We pride ourselves on exceeding industry craftsmanship and our customers’ expectations. After over 30 years of providing quality products and service, we lead the shutter industry. We have a wide selection of shutters to fit every style and budget for updating your Temecula home:

Polywood® Shutters - Designed and patented to be the most durable and energy efficient shutters in the industry by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions, these shutters are sure to add beauty and class to your home.

Ovation™ Shutters - Among the finest hardwood shutters on the market featuring solid wood parts with a premium finish.

Most Durable Wood Shutters for Temecula - Polywood® Shutters

Exclusive to Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions, our Polywood® Shutters have been designed and patented with our customers in mind. Their unrivaled quality makes them the best synthetic shutters available. You’ll only know they aren’t real wood because they don’t have the problems that plague real wood shutters. Update your Temecula home with beautiful and durable window shutters. Our Polywood® shutters are a great investment for your home. Here’s why:

Energy Efficient to Control Utility Bills

Polywood® shutters are up to 70% more effective in insulating your home than wood shutters. If you replace aluminum mini-blinds, you’ll see up to a 1600% increase in insulation with Polywood® shutters. With a dense construction material that blocks airflow, along with a weather-stripping seal on the sides, Polywood® shutters will save energy and lower utility costs in your home by adding a barrier of insulation.

Lifetime Warranty Protection

Your new Polywood® shutters are backed with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty. They will last longer than any other shutters, blinds, shades, or drapes you’ve owned previously, and the warranty protects you against any defects in manufacturing, finish, and installation.

American Made

You can get the best quality shutters in America and help build a stronger economy by choosing Polywood® shutters. 100% made in the USA, Sunburst is committed to American workers.