Plantation Shutters In Santa Monica: You’ve Found the Best Source for Plantation Shutters!

When we’ve installed plantation shutters in Santa Monica, homeowners tell us they love the look of their new window treatment. But that’s not all they love about it. Our experts explain what makes our plantation shutters products the ideal fit for your home. And you’ll be surprised at how much value you get when you order your shutters from Sunburst Shutters Southern CA.

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How do you make a plantation shutter last for the next 50 years? You dive right in with the finest material and you coat it with protective paint. That’s exactly what we do when we build Polywood shutters. Their exceptional synthetic wood substitute makes sure that the shutters never warps or cracks. And thanks to our baked-on paint finish with UV inhibitors, the color on Polywood shutters will never fade no matter how much of the Santa Monica sun it basks in.


Want your shutters to complement your decor? We can paint Polywood in premium white or custom shades of blue, grey, and yellow. And we can stain Ovation shutters with 28 wood stains. This is just one of the many ways plantation shutters shine as a window treatment for your Santa Monica home.

Another way plantations shutters prove themselves as the right window treatment is by the in vogue look their louvers create. With louver sizes as large as 4.5”, these shutters result in clean lines across your window. And we suggest pairing plantation shutters with a hidden tilt rod. This way, you get an unimpeded view out the window and ultimate control over the room’s brightness.

Energy Efficiency

Interested in ways to save money on your energy bills? The right window treatment can do that. With our superior plantation shutters, homeowners in Santa Monica have spent less on their heating and cooling bills. How, you ask? Polywood shutters minimize heat transfer by 45.96%. And they insulate up to 70% better than a comparable wood shutter. With our Polywood shutters, your house has the most energy efficient shutters in the US.

Temperature Control

Are you looking for ways to adjust the temperature in your residence so that your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard? Our plantation shutters are the perfect solution. Polywood shutters block up to 30 degrees of airflow when closed. And they let in some of the influence of the outdoor elements when you tilt the louvers to a preferred open position. This not only means that your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard, but also that the seat by the window is now a pleasant one every day of the year.

The Process of Buying Your New Shutters in Santa Monica Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

Choosing the perfect shutters for your house can be an overwhelming project. Even when you know that you want durability, beauty, energy efficiency, and temperature control. That’s where our design and installation professionals come in. They guide you through the process of purchasing new shutters, answering every question along the way. First, we set up a time to visit you for a free consultation. Then, we bring samples of our superior shutters in different louver sizes and colors to your home. This way, you can pick the plantation shutter to fit your style perfectly. And we measure your windows and craft the louvers to look exquisite and function easily. Finally, our experts order and install your new shutters exactly to your specifications. And just like that, you not only bought new shutters, but you’ve also transformed your residence. Schedule your free in-home consultation today by calling us at 888-611-2474 or submitting a request online.