Plantation Shutters In Riverside: You Don’t Have to Look Far for Experts in Plantation Shutters

Searching for shutters for your Riverside house should be a fun experience. From selecting between wood and non-wood plantation shutters to comparing colors and debating over frame styles, you can get easily distracted with the details. And in the end, one question remains: Where do you find the best value in plantation shutters in Riverside? The answer is Sunburst Shutters Southern CA.

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How do you make a plantation shutter last for the next 50 years? You dive right in with the finest material and you coat it with protective paint. That’s exactly what we do when we build Polywood shutters. Their exceptional synthetic wood substitute makes sure that the shutters never warps or cracks. And thanks to our baked-on paint finish with UV inhibitors, the color on Polywood shutters will never fade no matter how much of the Riverside sun it basks in.


One of the first things that might catch your eye about our plantation shutters is their color. We make our Polywood shutters in premium white as well as custom shades of blue, grey, and yellow. Our Ovation shutters are available in 28 wood stains. We do all of this so your shutters can accentuate your color scheme.

But the beauty of plantation shutters doesn’t cease at their non-fade colors. With louvers as large as 4.5” and the option for a hidden tilt rod, your windows will be covered with an in vogue window treatment that looks exquisite and functions without a hitch. Now you can enjoy an unhampered view of your Riverside neighborhood and adjust your room’s brightness without difficulty.

Energy Efficiency

Interested in ways to save money on your energy bills? The right window treatment can do that. With our superior plantation shutters, homeowners in Riverside have spent less on their heating and cooling bills. How, you ask? Polywood shutters minimize heat transfer by 45.96%. And they insulate up to 70% better than a comparable wood shutter. With our Polywood shutters, your house has the most energy efficient shutters in the US.

Temperature Control

Did you know you could control the temperature of your house with the assistance of a window treatment? As a matter of fact, Polywood plantation shutters block up to 30 degrees of airflow when closed. This means that much of the effects of the elements outside stay...well...outside. And one of the best parts about shutters is that you can adjust the louvers with a simple touch of a hand to let in as much or as little of the external temperature as you want. Now you can sit by the window comfortably year round, and your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard. You won’t find that with any other window treatment anywhere in the US.

How We Bring the Best Value in Shutters Right to Your Door

When we say that we transport the entire shutter showroom to you, we mean it. Our professionals help you choose the shutter type, color, and louver size that match your style just right – without leaving your Riverside home. We custom craft and install those exact shutters to fit your windows flawlessly. And we make sure they move effortlessly. Ready to get the best shutter value in Riverside? Call 888-611-2474 or submit an appointment request online.